Balancing Act

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You’ve finally done it. A large home and a salary that can’t be beat

But imagine one day it all fell out under your feet


Is there nothing left to define you? Do you even know who you are?

Or have you spent your whole life measuring your success to the speed of your car?


Fear settles in. Your real nature demands to be noticed

As inner failures become the main focus.


It’s a frightening thing working towards a sole goal

Only to realize it has left you with a gaping hole.


Imagine all that you’ve missed as your head refused to sway

Tunnel vision aimed at the top. You engrossed in battles day after day.


Now, like a ton of bricks the world’s suffering falls to your feet

You’re dumbfounded at the troubles you had as a child struggled to eat.


Or you look to your left and notice the beauty in natures design

And begin to think Ah; “Now that’s what Shakespeare had in mind!”


Disappointment settles in and I blame you not one bit

You were trapped in a rat race, and simply refused to quit.


But this is why I don’t waste time comparing my success to yours

Because if I’m not happy, I’ve clearly closed the wrong doors.


So I remove these materialistic fears quickly from my thought

And try to be truly happy as an honest human ought.


I try not to lie, but be authentic and true

And spread as much happiness from me to you.


And sure I’ll be happy if I make it big and can rejoice

But I better be sure when I get home, I can recognize my lovers voice.


Life’s a balancing act and a difficult one I can admit

But find your poise and you’ll succeed in ways the old you wouldn’t permit.  

Created: Feb 29, 2012


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