How the hell I got here

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This short piece is basically just an explanation of why I'm here on hitRECord.  Of course, I don't need to tell you all how great this website is.  Artists working together, creating something unique, it's quite amazing.

Basically, from the age of 15 (now 22) I've been writing songs.

I've recently hit a bit of writer's block, seemingly only writing Seinfeldian complaints in song format.  

Over the years, I've accumulated dozens of bits of paper with half-hearted verses or songs that just went nowhere.  I've decided that putting these on hitRECord would be a nice way to contribute to this community, and also gain some inspiration other records and contribute.

The pieces I've put up thus far are old lyrics that I needed to get off my chest before I start a cleaner slate.

And none of these songs were written by some horrible girl who broke my heart.  Nope.  None of them.  Except maybe all of them.

Created: Feb 29, 2012

Tags: explanation, blog

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