The Worthy Wait

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"Do you think is dead, now?"

"No, he isn't..."

"Fuck off..."

"Oh, come on! Why so impatient?"

"It's hot, today..."

"It's always hot, here!"

"I'm gonna have an headache, I know. This sun is banging on my head!"

"Okay, go there. Maybe that guy has a gun, so he can bang you in another way!"

"You stupid!"

"Me patient. You stupid!"

"Who do you think he is?"

" He coulde be a man of Garcia. I think I have already saw him once on a truck. He was eating an hamburger. A very tasty hamburger..."

"I hope he's tasty too..."

"Well, we are gonna discover it soon".

"Do you think is dead, now?"

"If not dead, he is unconscious. He hasn't moved in a while".

"Good. I was so tired to stand on his tree..."

"Oh, you are so mournful!"

"I don't like to be a vulture! You never hunt, you always wait!"

"Yeah, but is a worthy wait!"

Created: Feb 29, 2012


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