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"Today is different."
"Because I woke up and, for once, I was glad I did. Because, for once, I was happy to see the sun shining. For once, I was in awe by the beauty of getting another chance, another day."
"How did it used to feel like?"
"I used to wake up and hate it. Every single day was a battle, and I was so close to retreating... so close to giving up."
"What changed?"
"Nothing. I just sorta... woke up... and I decided I wanted to live."
"That simple?"
"That simple."
"Well alright, then. Our time is up. You're improving. See you tomorrow, same time."
"See ya, doc."

Created: Feb 29, 2012

Tags: hope, flower, beauty, battle, optimistic, life, beauty of life, help, depression, suicide, hopeful, dead, psychologist, struggle, fight, rose

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