Breeana Bulky, the Ballerina?

By BolognaxTM

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Breeana Bulky, the Ballerina?
Written By Toni Messina

Breeana Bulky was seven when she decided she wanted to become a ballerina. She told her mom that's what she wanted to be. Her mother told her "You can be whatever you want to be, you can try on as many outfits to find the one that fits you."

She goes into ballet class, the ballerinas including Breeana gather around on the floor. The ballet teacher introduces herself and what the ballet class entails. The ballet teacher finishes speaking and starts to call each ballerina up to get their uniforms/tutus. As ballerinas are being called, two ballerinas, Mary&Margret, talk to Breeana. Breeana tells the girls about her mother's wise words. Breeana's name is then called and she is handed a tiny tutu. Mary&Margret say to Breeana, "I guess you can't be a ballerina."

Breeana becomes very upset and runs home. She goes to her room and is hysterical. Her mom walks in. "What's wrong?!" Breeana shows her mom the tiny tutu. "Mom this outfit doesn't fit and I really want to be a Ballerina." "Honey, you can still be a ballerina you just need a different size well go to the store tomorrow.

The next day, she goes to the store.
Need a store name.

In the store, they find a red tutu. "Look it's your size! Come try it on!" Breeana enters the fitting room. She puts on the tutu. Her mom says "Come out Honey I want to see." The fitting room door opens.

She looks amazing and there is a bright light shining on her in her tutu.

Breeana goes to class wearing her new tutu . Other ballerinas stare.The ballet teacher calls all the girls to start class. Breeana is in the middle of all the young girls. She is focused on her warm ups as the others barely do anything and just stare at her. She doesn't notice until the teacher ask the dancers to hold postion without the bar. She feels everyone's eyes on her. She looses her focus and falls. Falls on her butt. She rises with grace as the teacher says its okay. She holds back her tears back. She focuses on the plie (pronounced: plee-ay) This is evidence that she is strong.
When her mom picks her up after class, Breeana is quiet. Her mom says "What happened, they didn't like your tutu?" "No mom its not that." "I fell during class and they all laughed at me."

"You are very tall for you age, but that's not bad it just means your more advanced than others, you just have to learn to work with it in life and in ballet. You're still learning and growing."

Everytime you think you're about to fall say to yourself "Breeana Bulky is Balanced!"

"Oh honey, your ballet teacher told me about the rectial that theyre having is in 4 weeks.
1st Week: Shows her practicing, for 2nd, 3rd. The calendar pages turn as they show her twirling in her room. pile and ballet stuff :)

On the 4th week she goes to class. While in the car with her mom. Her mother tells her "Don't be nervous, you practiced. Your ready!"
She exits the car. Her mom calls out. "Breeana Bulky is Balanced!"
A smile forms on Breeana's face, as she enters the ballet studio.

All the ballerinas stand around and the ballet teacher says let's start the auditions for the recital. The girls line up.

The recital is about fairytales;
Goldilocks and the three bears,Cinderella and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

They all audition.
Breeana's practiced paid off.

30 minutes later....
The ballet teacher posted the list of what the ballerinas got.
Breeana got goldilocks. Mary and Margret got the evil step sisters
Mary and Margret said to Breeana "you should have been one of those bears."
Breeana snaps back and says"Well at least you don't have to act, it'll just come naturally.

Recital Day arrives. Breeana's mom says "Honey you'll do great! you practiced and you know all the steps!"

The recital went on.. .Breeana was up. She took a deep breath and said "Breeana Bulky is Balanced!" she smiles and dances with grace and ease. As she finished the crowd starts to rise, her heart drops, her foot stumbles. She takes a deep breath "Breeana Bulky is balanced" She adjusts her foot and wins the crowds heart.

After the show her mom brings her flowers and says "Honey you done so so well!" "See I told you, you can do anything you put your mind to with additional hard work it can be done." They smile and hug.

The Curtian Falls.

Breeana Bulky, the Ballerina?

Created: Mar 31, 2010


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