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By takediscard

i’m going to go to tutoring determined. i don’t want to be a slow kid anymore.

how i love the world. forget that i ever blamed it for anything.

"--whereas I am hot, and fire dissolves ice. The blaze there was thawed all the snow from cloak!" Jane says that she's hot

wow shit can hurt all of a sudden. but then there's a certain beauty that we find after all of that. yes.

today i took responsibility
of every sec of every minute. and took every minute of every hour to have fun doing it.

oh beautiful deathtrap of a car. i wiped you down thirty times and you turned 4 shades lighter. now i have to break you.

i spilled baby oil all over the floor this morning

and got angry at everyone in the family.

i’m going to go do what i have to now.
though i was surprised because i thought somebody was getting shot in my neighborhood. very possible.

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Created: Mar 31, 2010


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