Rules (Dialogue Tales)

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“So what kind of goals have you set for yourself now that you’ll be on your own?”


 “Yes. What do you aspire to be?”

 “How should I know?”

 “You should have goals; otherwise you’ll just be floating about.”

 “Well I have rules that I live by. Does that count?”

 “I’m curious as to what they are.”

 “First rule: Never get stabbed. Ever.”

 “I suppose that is reasonable. I could say that I also live by this rule.”

 “Second rule: Never be homeless.”

 “Again reasonable, that might take more effort than the first rule.”

 “That’s it. I like to keep it simple.”

 “We have more in common than I thought. What possessed you to come up with these rules?”

 “Life experience.”

 “So you’ve broken these rules in the past?”

 “No. They weren’t rules yet.”

Created: Feb 28, 2012

Tags: homeless, life, experience, stabbed, goals, rules, stab

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