Saturday, Somewhere

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It creeps up like a day you’d rather forget

Light gets dimmer, sets the night in motion

You looked so gracious in your casual night club attire

It took me three long pints to gather the bottle to speak


Yeah, sometimes I lose focus and gaze into the bottom of the glass for inspiration

The hours pass like years, my patience makes me bleed after a while

I shuffle ever closer, you’re smiling as you speak to me

And then we kissed, cause it seemed like the most obvious thing to do


The words I use do nothing but misdirect you

I whisper once too often and it scares the moment away

I’m working on my lines, but I choke when I come to the microphone

I cannot improvise with you looking at me like this


The days just come and go like people in a cheap hotel

But tonight keeps on going, getting slower as it changes shape

I’m feeling unpredictable like somethings gonna be left unsaid

It matters for a while, but it leaves my weekend dead

Created: Feb 28, 2012

Tags: lyrics love lust lost broken heart coffee house acoustic indie rock song music collab needed upgrade imrove improvise poetry lyrical guitar drum bass etc., original poetry

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