Where have all the bubbles gone

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Where have all the bubbles gone?

Only residue remains.

A souvenir of what was here:

evaporated, leaving stains.

Curtains closed in fear of light

Insomniacs anonymous:

addicted to night.

For the moon and stars forever

Your son’s a fair trade.

Four Aces in hand

Is a gamble worth made.

A dreamer’s dream of

a dream come true

jealously interrupted

by a thief’s debut.

Paraphernalia, withholding ones heart

Arson and bribery:

the subsequent charge.

Sane enough to sell your soul,

when only fairy dust

fills the water hole.

The whisper of sweet nothings

To an unattended ear

Are the vociferations

of a message unclear.

Oh baby darling dumpling

If only you were free

To roll around in rubbish

and reek of potpourri

To sail away to peril

By blimp or caravan

To rid you of your demons

I’d follow, holding your hand.


The trees are growing weary

The pathway begins to weep

My Body sings queerly

While my mind is fast asleep.

You shake until it’s over

But your patience is wearing thin

The shadows are creeping closer

the hunger will begin.

 I offered to share your burden

To carry some of the weight

Unsure of why I did so,

Perhaps a chance of fate.

Your tale was one of horror

I was completely unaware

Of a lifestyle so covert

How could I not care?

A confession so honest

dripping of misery and fear

with desperation in your eyes

I had to lend an ear.

A story so vial

I began to see red

From all the blood that was spilled

on the streets and on your bed

Your numbed little body

Is starting to feel

The horizon of reality

A place unreal.

Haunted by your past

I could not sleep

For your nefarious dark passenger

Is a secret, mine to keep.

Created: Feb 28, 2012


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