She Said

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Specifically speaking of spectacular species separatism, humans have hardly the height of harmonious hilarity of however many harrowing, heartless, haverdashian hoodlums harking to the heavy, heated hell that is Hellen.

She took to taking too many topical toiletries when she should have been forking fauna to the forty fallen faculty of fatastic men who had martyred themselves merrily for her mightily malsatiable aMusement,

She said, Time ticks through the tumultuous traverse that is our Universe, unified solely Up until time itself unravels and uproars into unbelievable utterances of undying Unfidelities.  Therefore to relegate myself righteously to written men writing rigorously the wrongdoings and rightdon'tings specified previously to redeem themselves solely upon my breast really doesnt rack up a right lot of reality.

This being the case, she cases calloused, coursing, copulating cadavers of men carelessly as though correctness of Christianity causes her no calm.  Armed strictly with her straightener and strife at the stockade of stooges and seemingly sensational statistic of stalemate relationships and stalled summations of starlit scenes on spacious scaffolding, she starts to stratify her singularity which startles her spectacularly.

Upon greeting eyes we get our first grateful glance between gratings and gratuitous gusts of gale forced granules of dust gleaning graciously but in no gentle fashion across our gashed, squinting gaze orbs.

Immediately, although no intrensically, i intill myself with insecurities and ideas of ill intent and iterations of inventionous intercourse.

And as i astutely attend to my assumptions of acknowledgement i am ashamed to ascertain that i am as unAcquitable as any of the aforementioned assholes accused of assaulting her trust.

She said "Time ticks through the tumultuous travese that is our universe.  Tonight, my clock ticks alone. "

Created: Feb 27, 2012


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