01 the hundred percent (99+1=100)

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This is the first song of the album. It articulates the belief that the world will only be healed when we stop thinking in terms of us and "the enemy" and realize that we are all on the same team. To condemn or destroy anything outside of us is to kill ourselves. We are sciurus niger, and we believe in the power of love.

Please note that these are numbered because they are part of an album that flows and transitions, so they are best listened to in order. The other 10 tracks are here on hitrecord. :)

To hear the album in its entirety, you can listen here: http://soundcloud.com/sciurusniger/celebrate-the-album Thank you!

Created: Feb 27, 2012

Tags: change, love, spirit, creative, trance, sky, lunar, flower, psychedelic, word, human, unity, magic, forever, earth, universe, alien, psychic, heaven, new, dubstep, beautiful, revolution, destiny, mystery, space, transformation, awesome, spiritual, cosmic, soul, sun, cosmos, oneness, one, evolution, god, music, shift, fantasy, electronic, renewal, future, hope, angel, niger, sciurus, wonder, universal, world

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