Publishing Deal: Dialogue Tales

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“Alright Johnny, I have two…..possibly three things to say about this”

“Great, hit me”

“Firstly, that part about the elephant and his search for true social acceptance…..”




“Just dreadful”

“Ok well, yes I can see why you might….but if I can just say one thing…”

“Reading that comparison you made between the plight of Martin Luther King to that of Dumbo’s quest for validation was a low point in my career”

“You are totally missing the point”

“It’s out, and we move on”


“Now, the bi-polar bunny…’


“Also out”

“Oh come on, this is getting.…”

“And that brings me to Jason”

“The pelican with the ambiguous sexual preference… yes, what of him?

“An endearing and timeless character, the children will love him. If you focus in on the bird; possibly leave out his squirrel love interest and ditch the homophobic dragon then you sir have yourself a deal!“

“I guess I accept your conditions, however, I’m still an artist with integrity; the bunny stays”

“....The bunny stays.”

Created: Feb 27, 2012


JDeeDyer Document Media