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Verse 1:

Cocaine lines and broken glass

Pale crackled skin, lips made of ash

A rush and an itch he just can’t ignore

Tries to let go, but just wants some more

Then one night he’s crashed on the ground

Drugs in his hand, bruised all around

Starts to see the face of a girl high above

Makes a promise to a girl he once loved




You mean the world to me


I promise I’ll get clean


Verse 2:

Very next day he checks into a place

Where they wash all his clothes, clean up his face

Try as he might he just can’t let go

Of drinking the beer and sniffing the blow

30 days and 30 nights

He tries to get clean and get his mind right

Sweats in his sleep

Coughing blood on his sheets

Just when the pain’s too much

She’s who he sees


Chorus 2:


You mean the world to me


I promise I’ll get clean



Every night he lies on his bed

Thoughts of Lori running through his head

All the pain he made her go through

Soon she was hooked on the smack too


Verse 3:

Friday evening, not a cloud in the sky

He goes for a walk, to a small site

God’s acre’s now where she lies still

A small cross of stone, atop a small hill

Sits down beside the girl he still loves

Lays down some roses and paper doves

Thanks her for helping him through the pain

Kisses the headstone, and gets up to say


Chorus 4:


You meant the world to me


I told you I’d get clean

Created: Feb 27, 2012


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