The Dream

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I had a weird dream.
Really? Tell me.
I was riding up to this shady hotel that looked more like a apartment, if you ask me.
Yeah. It was weird cause as I was entering the hotel there was this guy dressed in black telling me that it's ready. And I said very well. I go into this really shitty room. I'm talking pale depressed sea blue and puke green peeling off the walls and rats running around everywhere. And when I reached the room there was this girl tied up in a chair, I couldn't see her face clearly. I remember saying I am going to cut you up bitch. All of a sudden I had a knife in my hands.
Yeah. The next thing I know I was cutting her up and beating the living shit out of her.
Oh my god. I remember being so angry at her.
What did she do?
It's not clear but I was angry at her for doing something, something about silver shoes.
Oh my god.
That's right I dreamt about you.
You killed me over those shoes?
That's right.
That is a really fucked up dream. Did you wake up in the middle of the night screaming?
Who said this was a night dream?

Created: Feb 27, 2012


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