The Lux (Shadow Beings)

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This is a reaaalllly rough concept. Pardon the terrible colouring job. I wanted to get this concept out there before refining it too much.

I've been trying to imagine a threat that would unite all the Castes despite their differences - a threat they'd have to come together to fight against. A threat, that no matter how divided they are, they would still choose their own over. And what is the enemy of shadows more than burning, bright light that does not allow a shadow to be cast?

So I've come up with a rough idea for The Lux. I don't know their motivation yet, but I do know that they cast no shadows and the beams from their eyes are so bright that no shadow can face it. They're likely artificially created, seeing as the Shadows worship the rays of the sun. That would go with the Gloams being the lowest as cast by artifical light.

The design was based off of sasquatches with flashlights for eyes. I imagine them as being significantly larger than the shadow beings themselves.

I tried to keep the design very simple and easy to reproduce, since that's the beauty of the original shadow designs. It makes it easy for several artists to work on it and stay consistent since the visual style is not complicated. I welcome variations or expansions on the mythology.


Created: Feb 26, 2012


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