A Tiny Tale

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     "What is different," she asked her senses. As she opened her eyes, it became instantly clear that this was not her home. "Where am I," she wondered. The thought crossed her mind that this would be a marvelous time to rise, and so she sat up in the large walnut shell, where she had been sleeping.

     The shell bed had been placed perfectly in the center of what seemed to be a small island. It was green, flat and a circle. Further out laid a body of water flowing gently past. There could be seen several more, similar islands, of varying sizes, some distance away. Beyond them sat what looked like the mainland. The girl hopped out of her shell and landed on the green with abounding grace.

     "Hello," she shouted. Nothing replied but the quiet sounds of moving water. She began to explore the small bit of land, hoping desperately for some sign of an exit. But none was found. "What if there is no exit," she worried. "Suppose that I'm trapped on this island forever?"

     A tear began to slide down her cheek and was swiftly followed by many more. The emotions grew and intensified until she found herself weeping, alone.

Created: Feb 26, 2012


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