the dishonourable no

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the dishonourable 'no'.                           

you know the one, it comes after every idea you vocalize.

the ever incessant water that puts out your flame of creation.

its the town with their pitchforks coming after your weird-o ass.

its a the needle in my fucking eye. cross my heart and bet your ass i hope 'no' die.

 maybe ‘no’ was a ritualistic sacrifice all fuckin negativity put forth for their god to smite and leash its vengeance upon. no = negativity. negativity = disbelief. disbelief = a mind that refuses to think BIG, and you know what the irony of everything is? its not even like its this huge horrible problem. people continue on just fine in the lives that they choose to pursue. as a mass society were all fucked because of that two letter fuckface, but individually (at least on the outside) the soldiers of the ‘no’ are doin just dandy. or they're lying to themselves. i wouldnt know though.

because i like yes.

i dont pursue the dishonourable no.

because i know it makes me feel like shit

and i just wouldnt do that to another persons beautiful mind.

so say yes. breath yes. think yes. own yes.

because yes open up the potential for ANYTHING

and how much more fun is that

then the constricting, bland, ruthless, rude, dishonourable ‘no’.

Created: Feb 26, 2012


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