Lost In My Mind

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Do you have place to which you can escape? I mean a place in your mind and heart, where only you can go. A place where the troubles of this world melt away, and where you can hear your own soul breathe. I have a place like this. When I go there, I always seem to find myself lying on a bed. Drapes hang from the sides, veiling the room around me. As I lay, I become aware of the sounds. The specific sound to which I am referring is that of the ocean. Even more specifically, the tide. That peaceful melody of water washing back and forth upon the beach. I get lost in that sound, in my mind. I breathe in the air, sweet with the scent of the ocean. A gentle breeze sweeps through the room, pushing back the drapes on the bed. As I sit up, I am engulfed in a feeling of utter tranquility. I can see immediately that it is very late, yet the room is flooded with a beautiful light. The moon shines brightly in the sky outside; its pale radiance more brilliant to me than the Sun's bright fire in the day. The light mixes with the darkness, so that the world is colored in a deep, dark blue. This twilight is upon everything I see, as if the dark blue of the ocean itself rose above the waters and filled the Earth and everything in it. It fills my room, which is made of stone. I soon realize that this stone room lies within a castle of sorts, the size of which I cannot determine. I am caught up in the tranquility of this place, and I soon forget that I am lost in my mind. I get up from the bed, and walk to the source of the moonlight. It is a doorway, which leads onto a balcony. I walk out, and place my hands upon the stone castle railing. And then I hear it again. The sound of the tide. I breathe in the air once more as the breeze caresses face, cool and loving. Peace floods over me, and I feel as though I could stand in this place, lost in my mind, for ever. But then reality, like a painful memory, comes back to haunt me. I find myself in my bed at home. But in that moment, the worries of the world are yet held at bay. For outside my window, I can hear those beautiful sounds. I could hear the ocean on the wind, in the rustle of the trees. I could hear it calling me back, though I'm no where near the sea.

Created: Feb 26, 2012


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