Loving What We Hide

By Sarah Marie

The Groundhog saw his Shadow today and I saw mine I saw
Girl from the Center of the Earth
and I understood her again, like I thought I never would
I wanted to dig my nails into my arms again
and make all those red anger lines again but I held back from becoming her
and when I did
the Blood came
pouring out of my nose like some uncouth vampire who got careless
and it could’ve been romantic or Goth-heroic or something except that
it was my nose.

and that made me think of Josh’s wisdom and laugh, somehow.

Girl from the Center of the Earth is digging her nails into that deep Core-mud
she’s the one who lives among the crystals, you know.

Yes, she dwells in caves, and she’s run her hands over the walls so much her fingerprints have become the Ancient wisdom, written in languages long forgotten
that are still deep in her gut like the prehistoric growls of beasts whose bones
we are still chasing.

The Girl from the Center of the Earth will show you
Shining things
covered in
and the beauty from beneath makes the rainbows up above
and that Rock in your stomach that’s cracking as you breathe has some rare gems inside it
when you choose to look, and say,

“Girl from the Center of the Earth, I can withstand being broken open. I’m ready to see what the beams and shadows truly make.”

She is fierce.
and TENSE.
And she hides with all the cunning of a rattlesnake,
but none of the planning, or the waiting, or the warning.

But she knows how strong you are. And she loves you for it, because weirdly enough,
that’s what this is.
You expect her to break your ears when she talks, but you know what?
She just whispers.
“if you weren’t growing, I wouldn’t be here.”

and she guides you, gently, back to the mouth of the cave, where
you’d never noticed,
There is a Garden.

Loving What We Hide

Created: Mar 30, 2010


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