A Broken Heart (DIALOGUE)!!

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"So, I saw his girlfriend today, (Typical!), and like always she looks at me like im shit." (Angry)

"I don't understand why you care so much about her... What makes her so damn special all of a sudden?"

"Because she is with the love of my life!!"

"How the hell do you know that? You're only 19!"

"I hate her, I envy her, and im jealous of her... that BITCH!"

"What happened between you and him was not her fault. It's his for leading you on and dragging you along, pretending that he was in love with you... It's his fault for not having the balls to tell you that he found someone new!!"

"I hate him... But yet here I am still talking about this, two months later!!"

"Well, people come into our lives for a reason"

"Then why the fuck did he come into my life? To ruin it? To make me feel useless and worthless? I will never understand why this happened to me. For the past 6 months, I have given him all of my love, time, and energy... he ruled my world, no I feel like... NOTHING!" (starts crying).

"Wow! You're seriously gonna let a guy as ugly as he is bring you down? You need to wake up and realize that douche was never a good guy. He was never perfect, always an asshole."

"Look, I understand that we were not a good match, but I can't move past him. It's just..." (Interruption).

"It's just what!??"

"Its just not that easy dammit! He was the first man to enter into my life whom i considered a significant other"

"NO he wasn't"

"I guess you're right... we were just, Lovers. Fuck! how much longer until he completely gets out of my head?"

Created: Feb 26, 2012


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