What's In a Word? (Dialogue Tales) [alternate ending]

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"Can you define the word 'life'?"


"Hardships, heartthrobs, in love, out of love, clear, difficult, giving, recieveing, falling, rising, secrets, loud mouths, relationships, breakups, best friends, backstabbers, gossipers, love, drugs, sex, music, television, thinking, seeing, believeing, being, creating, destroying, sleeping, staying up for days, experimenting, finding yourself, making yourself, accepting yourself; life is what you make it.


"And that all that just to die?"


"Death? Ha. What is this so-called 'death'?"


"A bittersweet bliss which is more bitter for some and more sweet for others; the great end to a life long saga of your own specific excellence."



Created: Feb 25, 2012


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