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If you had to pick one song to listen to on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

"Dumb" by Nirvana. I love the voice of Kurt Cobain. But I think we are tired of everything, to overdose...


Name your top ten favorite films (no more, no less, no ties):

American Beauty
James (Indian film)
Lawn Dogs
My Own Private Idaho
Requiem for a Dream
Roméo + Juliette
Thelma & Louise
True Romance
Usual Suspect


If you could hang out with any Hitrecorder for the day, who would it be?

RegularJoe! no need to say why, I think.

I would like to see others too. Those who put me full of hearts, especially :)


What is your current favorite Hitrecord Record (not your own) :

"Skip and the Turtle" by MadisenMusic. A song spoken with his niece, we feel they are having fun. Adorable.

There is also "Hit (Dialogue Tales)" by Joab Nevo. Terrific.


Name at least one physical attribute that sets you apart from others :

My mole above the mouth. Some time ago, when I was small, I didn't like it. I like it well now. In high school, a guy called me Cindy Crawford. When I see a girl with the same, it makes me smile, and I like her, without needing to know her.


If you had to live the life of a villain for the day, who would you choose?

I was tempted to say a vampire, but the vampires sleep in a tomb on the day, then no.


If you could have a drink with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Keanu Reeves. He's the first actor that I liked, and I wish he speaks to me of River Phoenix (his best and only friend, it seems)


Would you rather live in our world, Middle Earth, Alice's Wonderland, or some other crazy world?

I would say our world... but I really like the answer of Joab Nevo about it: in someone's dream.

Or also, in the worlds of my stories with the characters I created.


Aliens or Predators? 

Aliens, no doubt. I find movies much better.


What's the earliest, most vivid memory you have?

When I was little, I broke my arm falling on stairs. I remember the moment in the car with my parents who take me to the hospital. My father, driving, very tense, alone in front. My mother in the back with me, hugging me. I cried. I was alone with them, no brother or sister. Very good memory, strangely.


What's your favorite number and why?

Number 23. Since I know that River died at 23 and was born on 23 August, I see this number everywhere! When I look at the clock, or in a film (door 23, constantly referring to 23). I played basketball with the N°5 (2+3) during 2 or 3 years. I know, you see. It want me, right?


Do you have any superstitions or idiosyncrasies?



If you've seen Inception, do you think he's awake in the end, or not? 

I think he's still sleeping... Why should he see his wife in dreams who seeks to kill him, if not?


What's the most appealing scent to you?

I like natural odors. The streets after it rained, like Joab Nevo (again!) and fleurdelys. Aleppo soap. Also the parfum "Male", by Jean-Paul Gaultier.


Your favorite book is?

"Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse.


What animal would you be if you had to be one?

Seen the fate of animals, none. A bird, perhaps, to fly free.


Who has made the biggest impression on your life?

River Phoenix, already dead.


You're about to die and you have one wish. Your wish cannot be to save your life and it will affect everyone you leave behind. What's your wish?

That they read the book I wrote. And all I will write.


What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you?

The sublim sensation that we can felt by listening a catchy song or reading a captivating text. This feeling stronger than you who unchains, frees you. Also, when I can't get out of my thoughts, I live and relive the fabricated stories in my head.

Created: Feb 24, 2012


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