Spewing Venom (God Can't Even Help Her Now) [Dialogue Tale]

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I swear to God.  I really do.  I swear to high fuckin' God.  Where's Dad?  


He took Dory up yonder.


Well shit.  Did anybody call? 


Kellie-Jo called to ask you something--


Well too fuckin' bad.  That bitch ain't ever allowed to call here again.  And she ain't allowed up here, neither. I don't want her up here and Dad don't want her up here. You just gotta block her number.  I told her not to call or come up here no more, Dad told her, Ruthie told her, Jeff told her, and Dory told her.  If she ever fuckin' calls up here again, I'm callin' the law on her skanky ass.


Well, now.


Well, what?  That bitch tried to steal stuff from Dad and say that I did it. She found the key to the garage and now my Harley boots is gone and some of Dad's tools is gone.  And he told me I could take as much tools as I want, but after he went to the garage he comes back to the trailer and starts bein' weird. Askin' me questions about tools and bein' sketchy as hell and that's how I knew somethin' was missin'.  So showed him what I had at the trailer and then he knowed it was her.  


I told Dory not to take her down there no more.


Dory ain't got nothin' to do with it. She's been down there cryin' and sleepin' all day.  I guess she don't got nothin' else to do now Dad's whole check went up her nose.


God help her.


Crazy bitch.  I don't think God can help her now. 

Created: Feb 24, 2012


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