Release Title

By goldietrain

Crisp & Ready

All these things I used to know
I forgot.
your shimmering ugliness;
it pinches me in these buried places
the pinches inside me make ugly perceptions later, much later
the shimmering ugliness unwavering,
crisp and ready to catapult my victimhood into being
and watch it take shape. watch it take.
while you sleep while you dream while you ache -
all over me

All these things I used to know;
they wiz past the victimhood shape,
like leaves in a strong wind
and spontaneous droplets of joy bleed upon the shape,
dissolving it in spots
like cotton candy on a wet tongue.
the sensation of a chubby, lone raindrop
adoringly smacking you on the nose
and the water drips down onto your waiting tongue

All these things I used to know
are tougher than rope
because of the bubbling
power of wind and droplets of nourishment
that multiply and wash and soften crispness
and dull the ugly, blinding shimmer.
and silence that collective pain-streaked voice.
So that even the most hushed release of love
Can be felt in the air

Release Title

Created: Mar 30, 2010


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