Disappearing Shadow

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She gazed out her second story window,

Never glancing down to see the lonely shadow.

Warm is the air, cold is her ignorance

He looks five stories up


Standing still, smoke curls from his cigarette

Nose held high the sent left unaffected 

He stays in wait to catch our Marionette 


She sees the world a place to shine,

To get out of this place is mine,

He dreams but not too big, 

for then he can't catch our little Marionette


Knight after Knight he watched them go

Her view from the window ever growing

Still she never looked down, with his heart pounding

He looks fifty stories up


Heavy is the shadow of time

Hard is the fall from unsatisfaction

She finally glances down, but all remains empty.

Not even his lonely shadow waits for the catch.


Created: Feb 24, 2012


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