Unproductive (Dialouge Tale)

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 “What do you expect?”

“I would have hoped you’d had something done.”

“So now you blame me for all this?”

“This for damn sure wasn’t my fault.”

“How was I to know that any of this shit was going to happen?”

“Plan ahead.”

“Plan ahead?”

“Ya, I don’t see why you didn’t.”

“If it’s that easy, where’s your plan. Huh?”

“It wasn’t my job to.”

“You're kidding me right. You’re so full of shit.”

“What? So I’m supposed to take care of everything?”

“No you're supposed to take care of ‘something.’ And I have yet to see your hand in anything.”

“Who do you think got everything set up yesterday?”



Created: Feb 23, 2012

Tags: dialouge tales

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