Don't Worry, it's Not Loaded

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Don't Worry, it's Not Loaded - Written by WTA a.k.a. Warning to Avoid

From their 1st EP "Don't Worry, it's Not Loaded" Band Members are:

Chad MacNeil - Vocals/Guitar Matt Stonhouse - Guitar/Bass/Keys/Backing Vocals Jason Gordon - Drums/Keys/Backing Vocals Mike Ward - Lead Guitar Anthony Johnson - Bass/Guitar

WTA is from Edmonton, AB - CAN, is fully self funded and enjoys giving their works away for free download. Everything aside from their 1st EP has been done in house (from artwork to videos to the website). They're looking for their big "break" to tour and continue making music for all that love their style! 

Created: Feb 23, 2012

Tags: edmonton, indie, rock music, canada, alternative rock music

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