Where Have You/I Been?

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With you, I feel no need,

With you, I only feel greed,

With you, I do my best,

With you, It's all a test,

With you, I feel warm,

With you, The eye of the storm,

With you, I want to sit,

With you, I'll never quit,

With you, I want to leave,

With you, I want to breathe


Without you, I have no breath,

Without you, I never left,

Without you, everything I can't face

Without you, There is no place,

Without you, Harsh winds suffice,

Without you, I am ice,

Without you, I fail,

Without you, I leave no trail,

Without you, I feel only nothing,

Without you, I need everything


It's been so long,

Something's missing...

Created: Feb 23, 2012

Tags: poetry and art

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