Next Steps... Growing Change + TOMS + Zambia

By TexasNurse

Right-O! We’ve brought together a few clips of RECords from other hitRECorders’ albums and music and vocals… and, I’m sure there is more on the way.
From my trips to Zambia I’m trying to get my hands on footage that a friend took with her hand-held camera.
I’m wondering if there needs to be a storyline created, say like a girl in one of the photos, and how her Grandmother who makes handbags from plastic bags to make money for her family, cut her shoe so her feet would fit, and the school she goes to for education.

GRAPHICISTS/ANIMATORS/ OTHER ARTISTS: your creativity is essential –draw or generate your interpretation of a young girl’s life by herself with her Grandmother and not having shoes that fit; going to school with other friends who do not even have shoes.

ALBUM COMPLIERS: I have begun an album of RECords; maybe you can find more to add to this. Maybe choose an item and search and add it to the album, or make a new one for the collaboration.

hitRECorders: any ideas, feedback, personal thoughts are essential and greatly appreciated!


Next Steps... Growing Change + TOMS + Zambia

Created: Mar 30, 2010


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