the familiar face

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the bride walks down the aisle. looking at the man she dreamed of all her life. she smiles. small and soft steps heading for a promise. the biggest promise of her life. the promise of 'death do us part'. she looks through the guests; family, friends, neighbors and a handful of strangers. dressed in white and blue, almost uniformed~ she giggled. all smiled back. happy for her.

past the guests. behind the bushes. a shadow a familiar face appear. suddenly her hands shook. her limbs began to crumble. the familiar face stared at the bride. not hateful, neither pleasant the stare was empty~ lonely. he wasn't dressed for the wedding he was mourning. The bride looks down her feet. she felt unsettled. questioning where these steps are heading. for 'a happy ever after of course!' a voice screamed. really? her heart thumped. steps becomes smaller and slower. her eyes stared at the carpet. tears began to fill her eyes. it began to drop small round shadows along the floor. she stopped. flowers dropped. teeth grit and she ran. to the familiar face. A FACE FAMILIAR BY HEART.

Created: Feb 23, 2012

Tags: decision, love, familiar, strangers

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