Fish and Chips and Football

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‘I Haven’t had one for years.’

‘Cigarette? Good, right?’

‘Mmmm...Fish and Chips and Football.’

‘Dunno what you’re smoking. When was your last one?’

‘I was 14.’

‘Jesus, when did you start?’

‘Same day as I started. You should have seen him. We'd heard he found girls who smoked sexy, So we got hold of some cigarettes and smoked some behind the sports shed hoping he'd see us.’

‘And did he?’

‘No. My brother and sister did however. And when I got home, they ratted me out to my parents.’

‘Uh oh. Busted. What happened?’

‘Parents were pissed. Mum sat me down in the living room searched my bag until she found it and told me to smoke every single one left in the packet then and there in front of them all.’

‘How many? Did you do it?’

‘There were about 12 left. After the first one I started sobbing. Literally crying my eyes out. I remember my hand shaking, trying to light the bloody things. Got to about the fourth and begged my mum, saying I hated it and they were disgusting.’

‘Did she make you carry on?’

‘No. She threw them in the bin and felt so bad so she took us all out for dinner. We got fish and chips and took them to the park. My sister, my mum and I sat on the swings and watched my brother and Dad play football.’

‘Bad day, huh?’

‘No, it was one of the best days of my life actually.It was one of the last times we were all together. The five of us. I don’t smoke, but this smell. It always makes me smile.’

‘Fish and Chips and football, huh?’

Created: Feb 23, 2012


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