Dance with Me [Dialogue Tales]

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“Take my hand”
“Don’t be afraid and just follow me”
“I don’t do things like this”
“I won’t embarrass you, promise”
“Alright, since you promised”
“Take my hand like this and put your other hand on my waist”
“Um, I don’t feel comfortable with this”
“If a lady tells you to put your hand there, than you listen”
“Alright, so right here”
“Yes, now relax and follow me. One two three, one two three, one two three”
“Am I doing it right?”
“Almost, now close your eyes.”
“Close my eyes?”
“Yes close them.”
“Do you not trust me?”
“I guess, so why am I closing my eyes”
“To imagine”
“Imagine? Why do I need to imagine?”
“Imagine us together dancing, outside, or on the top of a parking garage. It adds to magic of dancing”
“Do you do this often, picturing us dancing?” “All the time”
“Because I knew from our first dance together I was in love.”

Created: Feb 23, 2012


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