The Multidimensional Wilds

By Ziggy

In the deep psyche lies a memory
A great upheaval from the distant past
It ruptured the collective mind
Left us semi-primitive
Made us doubt the Earth

Our security erupted violently against us
The ego born from the ashes
An ancestral mind

We reproduce catastrophe
Cut off
From the multidimensional wilds

Omni-adaptable and observant
Ego transcenders emerged
Facing the golem within

In the deep psyche lies a memory
Of a stillness that was
Of a stillness that is.

*This poem can be about many things to the point i've started to discover new possible meanings. I originally based the poem on the fascinating Atlantis theory, the theory that an ancient, though technologically advanced race, were wiped out by a great upheaval thousands of years ago. It can also be about a tribe being destroyed by an outside force, a great injustice of some kind. It can also be about man's struggles to evolve, the big stumbles, the self-made traumas. The stillness being the is-ness of existence, the silence in between, that is always there, as we subjectively experience. It could be about man-made destruction and the egos that have and continue to cause upset. It can also be about man's amnesia, man's disconnection from nature, from intuition, the 'multidimensional wilds', that area of existence we do not see but that can perhaps be felt.

The Multidimensional Wilds

Created: Mar 29, 2010

Tags: dimensions, mother nature, oneness infinite consciousness waveform chakras en, stillness

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