Cw2 tour colab prelim info

By Lazabout

As I explore and experience the RECord world order more and more, I'm thinking I could start a collaboration which will help sustain the conversation we hope to spark on the Climate Wise Women project, I'm working on.

I'll start with a conversation to help focus my collaborative call...

We are starting the tour next week in DC, hitting colleges across North America. For details on the events, you can click through on the web link on my page.

It would be great to develop some varied expressions about climate change's impact on the world and people who populate since it is such a complicated and tangled mass of issues.

Unless otherwise noted, all events are free, open to the public, and RECording is encouraged! If anyone has an interest in these issues and can come to one or more of the panels, I'd love it if you could share anything you capture. I'll be taking pictures and hopefully some video, both of the sessions and some of our "down time" with the women. It would be great to add other inspired imagery to the mix.

We have been working with a bunch of Smith college students on the tour and I have noticed their enthusiastic actvist actions on a wide variety of issues. One woman told me that I wouldn't be able to email her for a week because she was going to be chained to mountaintop removal machinery in West Virginia over Spring Break.

I'm going to tell them about HR and encourage them to RECord stuff they've gathered on their trips to encourage continuing conversations about the stuff dear to them. As well as to remind them that expanding people's minds can be fun and legal. I'll ask them to RECord the Cw2 events they attend, and their thoughts, etc.

I wish I had more time to explore all the content already here to see if I have something with which to "salt the mine", but I head to DC on Friday and internet access will be spotty. Just figure I should drop the pebble in the puddle and see what rings appear. Actually that is a good visual of how ones actions radiate out.....

Anyway, since I'm new, I'll appreciate any guidance you can share about how to manage this thing.

Thanks for your eyes, brains and hearts!

Cw2 tour colab prelim info

Created: Mar 29, 2010


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