One Way Conversations

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A: “You still can’t tie a tie properly?”


B: “No…”


A: “Well, forget the tie then.”


B: “How do I look without it?”


A: "You look good."


B: "Really?"


A: "Yes. Really."


B: "You're supposed to say that."


A: "Sure, but..."


B: "Be honest."


A: "I am."


B: "I know you're not."


A: "Why do you say that?"


B: “Because you’ve been wrong almost every time.”


A: “I tried my best.”


B: "You just say what I want to hear."


A: "That is my job, yes."


B: "Well, I want to hear the truth."


A: "About what exactly?"


B: "What you actually think of me.”


A: “I think you’re great. You know that.”


B: “No you don’t. You hate the sight of me.”


A: “Come on. Aren’t we being a little dramatic?”


B: “What do you think of me?”


A: “I’m not playing this game again.”


B: “And what’s she going to think of me?”


A: “I don’t know.”


B: “And why did none of the others stay long enough to even form an opinion?”


A: “Look, this isn’t about me.”


B: “Isn’t it though?”


A: “My job is to boost morale. Not tell the truth.”


B: “Tell me the truth.”


A: “You already know what it is.”


B: “Tell me anyways.”


A: “I’m not going to do this…”


B: “Tell me!”


A: “Look at yourself in the mirror! Everything you need to know is right there.”


B: “I hate what I see.”


A: “Well…”


B: “This is what everyone sees, isn’t it?”


A: “You want the truth?”


B: “I said I did.”


A: “Yes. The only problem here is you.”


B: “Get out.”


A: “You asked me for the truth…”


B: “Get. Out.”


A: “You know I can’t do that…”


B: “Fine, then I’ll leave.”


A: “You can’t run from the truth. This is who you are. ”


B: “I know.”

Created: Feb 23, 2012


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