Perspective (Dialogue Tales)

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“It’s called Sagittarius. I believe he was a centaur in antiquity”
“That’s very interesting.”
“I certainly think so.”
“You know what really gets me when I look up like this?”
“The fact that centaurs seemed to predominate the night skies for some reason?”
“No. But now that you mention it, that’s a valid point.
“No, it’s more the fact that the way that we can see these stars is light.”
“ And that light has been hurtling through space and places we can only dream of only to come crashing through our atmosphere and collide with my iris and die the silent death of being converted into electrical signals of which my brain barely takes notice.”
“Quite a paradox.”
“It is! Quite the conundrum. I mean, some of the light disappearing, as we speak, forever, could have been shot off the surface of one of those magnificent masses when Napoleon was conquering Egypt.”
“Boggles the mind doesn’t it?”
“Insanely so. How can things so delicately constant be so mind bogglingly unique?”
“Well, you know, technically, there’s no-“
“No. Just stop. I don’t want one of your ‘technically’ explanations right now. Just let me enjoy this poetic quandary for what it is for a couple of seconds before you squash it with modern thought.”
“Actually, I was going to say they aren’t constant. Nothing, or hardly anything, is actually. We’re always changing, always moving, always in need or want of something different to break up the monotony. Dying in your iris could be that light’s most sincerest wish for an end or the one thing its dreamt about doing since it rocketed off the surface of its star. You never know. It’s all about perspective.”
“Hmmm, I kinda like that perspective.”
“Yeah me too.”
“So much humility.”

Created: Feb 23, 2012


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