Brain Lasso [Dialogue Tales]

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‘I find it hard to relay my thoughts sometimes. It’s such a strange thing, like my mind can’t connect to my mouth to speak the words or my fingertips to type it. Kinda like someone has my brain lassoed and is holding on really tight, and my brain is fighting desperately against the rope but it’s losing its strength.’

‘You seem to be doing okay now…’

‘Hmm, it seems quite easy to talk about how I can’t talk about things because I’m not trying to create something.’

‘But you could suggest that you’re creating an idea, something for me to consider and imagine. The brain thing, that’s a visual in my head right now.’

‘Huh. So maybe it’s about me trying too hard?’

‘Maybe. You just have to break through that wall.’

‘Ah, the wall.’

‘You get the wall?’

‘I get the wall. Every time I close my eyes to try and visualise, I just get an endless white room-‘

‘But is it a room if it’s endless?’

‘Is that really the point right now?’

‘I don’t know, it’s interesting that you manage to visualise your creativity block is all.’


‘Yeah. The fact that you can visualise your struggle to get what you want to say out, by seeing a big white room-‘

‘Don’t forget the wall-‘

‘-and the wall, well it’s kinda cool. Shows that all is not lost I suppose.’


Created: Feb 23, 2012


Laura_G Document Media