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There once was a girl called Little Red riding hood, who lived a secluded life with her Mother and her new step father, within the depths of the forest. It was once a happy home with cosy nights by the fire, surrounded by its warmth and the sweet smell of bread baking...but, there was a deathly presence that lingered around the cottage, lurking in all its nooks and crannies; on the footsteps of the home, you could sense that a dark past and an ire of a broken family shadowed the house and its inhabitants. Red’s mother was nothing if not subservient and infatuated by the rugged lumber jack who rescued the widowed woman from becoming an old maid.
One day Little Red was sent out to run yet another errand for her Mother, by the lumber jack; agreeing, only for the sake of gaining some peace in the wilderness. The lumber jack despised Little Red and she reciprocated with just as much hate towards her mother’s captor.

Little Red shared an uncanny likeness to her grandmother, though very old, Red inherited her features and her kind heart from the woman she loved most, the woman who was the only link to her Father. 

Her grandmother was an honoured member within the community; healing the sick and wounded; helping bring life and ease death. However, although the villagers were not aware of the lengths she went to help them, they knew that she was always at risk of being eaten by the wolf that roamed the forest, lingering around the corners of the villagers‘ worn footpaths.The grandmother would have endured exhausting treks within the dense woods to find, radiating and rare flowers like herbs and lavender to heal
her friends.The scent of her potions displeased the wolf, making the taste of the villagers bitter on his tongue, the wolf became aggravated and decided to get rid of the witch doctor, as he called her, once and for all. 
The wolf tried, and tried, and failed at his attempts to kill the witch doctor, for she would always repel him with her poisonous traps that lured the wolf to his daily meal. 

Affixed with the problem of starving or consuming the poison that affected his prey, the wolf planned to drag his infected haunches to the witch’s home to exact his revenge there, turning the tricks of her protective remedy into a siren for his cause.

You may be wondering why Red kept her kind heart pure with a mother, who, after only the brutal murder of her husband fell into the arms of such a dreadful man that lured his way into her home, Well the lumber jack who was caught himself, on rare occasions, in the territory of the wolf was that of the same species. These weren’t your ordinary predatory creatures but rather they were vampires, and not the ones who sparkled in the sun. These Vampires possessed the ability of metamorphism, they had the ability to become anything and anyone the helpless villagers needed them to be.
Now, that Red’s grandmother was sick with no one to venture into the wolf’s territory to save Her, Red disregarded her Mother’s strict orders to stay to the footpath, unaware that it was her grandmother’s request, and went in search of a healing remedy and right into the wolf’s grasp Knowing of his step-daughter’s rebellious side and eager to be rid of her, the lumber Jack timed the wolf’s trip to Red’s grandmother’s house perfectly with the moment Red stepped into his territory, where she met the determined eyes of the enraged wolf.
On her own mission, Red blindly grabbed for, what she hoped, was the right ingredients to make her Grandmother well again and took off in a sprint away from the wolf and towards her Grandmother’s home in a haste to relieve her of her sickness.
What Red did not realise, was that the Wolf was following her shadows in order to exact his own revenge….




Created: Feb 23, 2012

Tags: super hero, magic things, bed time, fantasy art, fairytale, fairy tales, dark fairytale, folk tale, little stories

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