Tiny Stories Book

By deeasherself

So, Mushr, tommacarte and I just had a little conversation via twitter about the Tiny Stories collab and we came up with an idea... which is pretty much a book, with the stories from that collab. Having them here and reading them is really cool, but it would be even better if we could take the bus or go to the beach and take a book out of our bags with all this stories. Each story can have its own typography and doodles, maybe made by the author or by somebody else in case the author thinks his handwriting and drawings are awful. So... thoughts anyone :D? This is the idea all summed up in a few words, anyways, so we'd like to know what you guys think. Of course, the final call would be Joe's, but I was thinking if there's enough "votes" for this it could actually happen.

Tiny Stories Book

Created: Mar 29, 2010


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