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"Your an evil toxic bitch who i dont need in my life?"

"How can you say that, after everything iv done to help you and be there for you?"

"Friends dont talk shit behind eachother backs. Sisters only work things out because they are blood. Your not my blood. I dont give a shit anymore about you."

"How was i talking shit? I was upset and we were in a small unmeaningful fight and i sent a text to her just venting...why are you blowing this out of proportion?"

"Because i dont need your negativity in my life."

"I cant believe this. Weve been friends, more like sisters for months. Why are you attacking me with this? I dont understand how you could be so hurtful! I want to fix this. I care about you!"

"I dont care about you. Im done and over it. Ill come by from my stuff after work."

"... bring my pants and books you borrowed. Leave that house key too."
"Fine. If this is what you want."

"Thats how it went. I still dont even fully understand how she could hold something so petty over my head to push me away. I mean, this feels like a death in the family. Im bawling like a little bitch at work because i loved her so much that i thought this last week of not talking was her being busy and whatever it was, she would get over and come back to hangout. But shell never come back,... after she gets her stuff."

"Sometimes you never really know someone. Its too bad but you cant hold onto all that pain. Itll eat you alive."

".... i know, i just need time to cry and scream and face the sad melodic music. Maybe ill make a clay figurine of her, and bury it in the backyard... like a family dog. ill say "she was a good bitch, who i loved dearly but now we part ways, destined never to mend our relationship over some petty shit."- ehh maybe ill just let it go. I did what i could to save it, i think. Hopefully itll be enough to last my conscience the rest of my life."

"yeah let it go hun. No need for a friend like that. No need for a sister like that."

Created: Feb 23, 2012


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