The Devil's Temptation

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Stare into the darkness, stare

  I dare you.

Step into this car with me, step

  I dare you.

Come on the ride with me, come

  I dare you.


Don't close your eyes now, we just began.

Stop, don't turn away, it's looking up.

Go ahead, no demons lie in wait,

go ahead and take a peak.


See, nothing here to fear, see

  trust me.

Move, freely wander here, move

  trust me.

Come, site here awhile, come

  trust me.


Hold my hand and we'll go. Halfway through

lean into me, we are headed down.

Worry not, this wont last long.

Worry not, we'll see this through.


Watch, as everything burns, watch

  I dare you.

Step in the river red, step

  I dare you.

Come into this nightmare, come





Created: Feb 22, 2012

Tags: poetry

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