Stop and Go

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-I want to capture it.



-Our conversation?


-Then what?

-The ineffable I guess.

-The ineffable?


. -Why would you want to capture something you wouldn’t want to eff?

-No idiot. Ineffable. Not un-effble. The unexplainable.

-Well what’s ineffable then?

-The color.

-The color of what?

-The moment.

-This moment?


-Well how would one capture this color?

-I guess the first thing to do would be look at the light.

-Do you mean the fluorescent bulb that is flickering above us right now or the glaring white of the walls?

-Both. But that isn’t the color.

-So what is it? -I’d say right now it’s yellow.

-Yellow? -Yea. Its like an electric yellow, but less intense. At least right now.

-Are you implying that it was something different a moment ago?

-I think it’s evident. Ten minutes ago was a yellow so intense it bordered back on white. It seared the eyelids.

-So why did it change?

-I stopped to capture it.

Created: Feb 22, 2012


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