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Wes Evans was 27 years old, but he looked older than that. He was obsessed with coffee, and he started every morning with a cup of recently made hot chocolate mocha. Wes Evans was in the process of becoming a successful business man thanks to his father, Joseph Evans, who paid for the impossible just to have his one and only son running the company after his dead –which was going to be sooner than he thought.

Wes Evans was born October 31st, in a ghost town somewhere in the desert of Nevada. As a child he had an imaginary friend named Ryan, who had the ability of getting him in trouble. After reading Alice In Wonderland at school, Wes realized that Ryan was, in a way, his very own Cheshire cat. At first the comparison confused him, but after spending lunchtime thinking about it, he finally accepted it.

Everyone wanted to be like Wes Evans. Everyone was always talking about him. He was perfect. His hair, his shoes, his suit. The way he stood to wait for the elevator, the way he held the door opened for the female co-workers. His birthdays were always celebrated with a big party in his father’s mansion, and his friends from school, acquaintances and loved ones were always invited. Even his father’s co-workers were always invited. Wes Evans was like no other. He was a very nice human being, kind with others, funny and playful around children, caring for animals, and even good in bed.

But he was hollow, empty, lonely. He looked at himself every morning in the mirror thinking “fuck, another day”.

His mother, Mrs. Jennifer Evans, was a cheater. Everything she did was fake, part of what she thought as a play, like if her whole life was being documented and recorded by a journalist who was just as fake as she was. But Mrs. Jennifer was not in her right mind. As a child, she was raised by her poor parents who died one day all of a sudden while they were drinking tea in the living room. Jennifer, her older sister Amanda, and Elizabeth, the youngest, were playing cards when they noticed mom and dad were asleep. Jennifer, with no intention of sounding like a smart-ass, pointed out that they had drank tea and there might be something in it. Elizabeth couldn’t stop herself and she grabbed the cup, but Amanda didn’t notice until it was too late. What happened to Amanda remains a mystery, but when uncle Ira and aunt Judith came to pay their daily visit, Jennifer was outside, all alone, reading a forbidden book.

Wes Evans’ day started worse than he thought, when he walked into the kitchen and the coffee he religiously drank every morning was not ready. The air did not smell like mocha, like every other morning. In fact, there was no smell on the air at all. Wes, about to have a panic attack, stood in front of the machine and took a deep breath: it was broken.
One of the things he had always loved about the machine is that it always prepared the perfect coffee and it was always ready waiting for him every morning. He did not have to queue and share the place with a bunch of people desperate to get caffeine in their blood stream. And most importantly, he did not have to leave his apartment earlier to get to the coffee shop. This day, unfortunately, had started bad, not to say fucked. No… it was just bad, not fucked yet. But it was about to get fucked the very minute he would walk into the coffee shop, except he did not know this.

Wes panicked, and for a minute or so his body did not react and his brain collapsed. When he was finally able to blink again he checked if he had any cash and remembered there was a not-so-familiar coffee shop a few blocks north from the office.

In a normal day, it would’ve taken him twenty minutes to get to the office, driving at a regular speed and stopping in every red light. But this day was anything but normal, as Wes realized later, and it only took him ten minutes to get to work, without being pulled over by a cop. As he parked his car his phone started ringing, it was his mother. Wes did not pick up, and he kept ignoring his phone all the three –or four- blocks that separated the office from the coffee shop. Only when he finally decided to pick up because he was very irritated –and who wouldn’t without their every morning coffee- his phone stopped ringing, and at the same time he opened up his mouth to curse he stretched out his arm to open the door, and realized there was no door, there was a very angry young woman with coffee all over herself who opened up her mouth and spoke loud enough for only Wes to hear her:

-You son of a bitch...

Created: Mar 29, 2010


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