A Boy and a Girl

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Let me tell you the tale of a boy and a girl.

Nicole grew up down the street from Benjamin. When they were little they were the only kids on the block, so they played with each other during summer break. They ran, blew bubbles, hop-scotched, and hoola-hooped their days away.

The summer when they turned eight is when Nicole fell in love with Benjamin. It happened when she fell off her bike in his driveway. Benjamin got her a band-aid, kissed her scraped knee, and walked her back home.

Nicole never turned back.

As they grew older, they grew apart. Benjamin got into basketball, playing in a league and then for junior high and high school. Nicole took singing lessons and joined the high school choir and theatre program.

Benjamin stopped saying hello to Nicole in the hallways. He got rides instead of taking the bus.

But Nicole always noticed him talking with friends, playing in his games, jogging around the neighborhood. It made her sad that the friend she loved ignored her.

One day, she got up the nerve to go up to Benjamin in the hallway to invite him to her play that night. He was with a group of friends, laughing and talking. Her hello sobered them in an instant. They sneered at her, insulting her braids and glasses. Benjamin didn’t even look at her.

Nicole was heartbroken. She had no place in Benjamin’s life anymore.

The school’s musical was that night, of which Nicole was a lead in. Benjamin attended it with his mom. They sat in the back of the auditorium and watched the sad girl from their street sing her broken heart out.

Benjamin was speechless, he had never heard Nicole sing before. He had never heard such a beautiful voice. Benjamin knew then that his heart truly belonged to the girl down the street.

After the show Benjamin waited outside the backstage doors for Nicole. But she never came out. So he went back to the dressing rooms in search of her. He softly knocked on the girls’ dressing room, opening it after a silence.

His eyes rested on Nicole, lying on the floor in an aura of red, a blade resting in her hand.

Benjamin cried out in misery, tears brimming to the surface as he looked at the girl he loved.



No one said this was a happy story.

Created: Feb 22, 2012


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