God, Marilyn, Cleopatra, and Kobe

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“How did you get here?”

“Is this heaven?”

“Who let you in here?”

“Where are the girls?”

“Don't you think you're in the wrong place?”

“Is that Marilyn Monroe?”

“Can't you stop focusing on women for just one second?”

“Is that Cleopatra?!”

“What makes you think you belong here?”

“Wasn't I a good man?”

“Are you seriously asking me that right now?”

“Where's the beer? ”

“What has Peter done? ”

“Peter who?”

“Why in God's name did he let you in here?!”

“Is that a big screen plasma TV?!”

“Why did I take this job?”

“Is the game on?!”

“Can you shut up for one second?”

“Aren't you supposed to be kind?”

“Don't you read the Bible?”                                                                          

“Where's Satan then?”

“Where do you think he is?”

“Aren't you two good buddies?”

“Why did I create you?”

“Is that a leather La-Z-Boy recliner?!”

“Aren't there more pressing matters?”

“Like what?”

“What have we just been talking about?!”

“Can you quiet down?”

“Do you know who you're speaking to?”

“Can't you see the game's on?”

“Is the game really that important?”

“Don't you love the Lakers?”

“Isn't Kobe a ball hog?”

“You know about Kobe?”

“Who do you think gave him all his skills?”

“Can you give me skills?”

“Aren't you dead?”

“Does heaven have a basketball league?”

“Why did I let you in?”

“Can you pass the pretzels?”

“Can you pass me a beer?”

Created: Feb 22, 2012

Tags: funny dialogue, dialogue tales

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