The Man on the Moon

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The man on the moon 

Has a round, jolly face

And once a month

He takes His place


When this happens

He is considered Full

To put us to sleep,

It's his job to lull


Looking down from the sky,

From way up above,

he can see people die

And those falling in love. 


The Man on the Moon,

Shining His bright light,

Lets the Sun take a snooze

While He lights up the night. 


Behind the clouds,

He might look eerie

But don't turn away, 

Look, they're clearing


He comes through your window,

Even when you're asleep,

With your head on a pillow,

Dreaming so deep


And if you're awake, 

He still shines through

If you ask Him, He might make

Some of your dreams come true

Created: Feb 21, 2012


_samanthaelle Document Media