I'm Ready

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It’s open. What is it?

There’s someone here to see you. Says you’ve been expecting him.

Expecting? Send him in, I suppose. Oh! I suppose I should have been a little sharper on the up-take.

No need. Are you ready?

Well, no. But I guess it doesn’t matter. How many people say they’re ready?


Why do you even ask?

It calms them.


We can chat about this if you like, but you won’t ever feel like you’re putting it off.

I’m sure people have tried everything, huh?

People have been very good at chewing the fat for some time now.

You say that like there’s something else…

People, and only people, will play it calm on the outside while they scheme on the inside.

And everything else?

Everything else sighs gratefully and accepts willingly enough.

I have always thought we were too smart for our own good. I suppose I’m just wasting time, now aren’t I?

We have stepped out. You act like there is a measurable limit to time. I ask again: are you ready?

Can I stay?

On what grounds?

Like, is this where I state my case? Ok well… no, it would be unfair. Everything worked out better than it should have anyway. I’ve been lucky, and to push it would be juvenile. I’m ready.

Created: Feb 21, 2012


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