So Anyway I Met a Girl in Spain...

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“I can beat that. I was in Spain over the summer and”

“Last summer?”

“Yeah yeah. So anyway I was in Spain. I met this girl. We had a few drinks and went back to my place.”


“yeah it was nice. So we get back to the room, she’s really wasted and passes out on the bed. I get her undressed,”

“you undressed her while she was passed out?”

“yeah but not like how you’re thinking.”

“yeah whatever.”

“shut up let me finish the story. So I get her undressed, put her in the bed. I get in bed next to her because there’s no sofa and I wasn’t going to sleep on the floor with my back.”

“is it still troubling you”

“don’t get me started on that. Anyway we are both asleep when suddenly she bolts up and says“ I’m gonna puke!”

“I’m thinking shit! Not on the bed because I’ll have to clean it. Then I’m thinking not on the floor because cleaning the floor will be even worse. Suddenly I say, Puke on me!”


“Exactly, just took my clothes off and jumped in the shower. Problem solved.”

Created: Feb 21, 2012


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