The Regularity (#18) 03-29-10

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SxSW 2010 was some of the coolest shit hitRECord has done yet, THANK YOU! Now let's make some RECords about it. Tons of Resources have been Released, videos, photos, writings, now it's time to remix it all into some Results.

Video editors, let's make the hitRECord SxSW 2010 mini movie! But not just video editors, we'll need music, graphics, words, and anything else.

Or, even if you're not gonna cut some video or make some music, you could really help this project by compiling an ALBUM of your favorite SxSW RECords. Going through the extensive footage we've got and making selects is an invaluable part of the process.

In other news, we're closing the books on Sundance 2010. Two weeks ago we proposed numbers for how to divide up the Contributing Artists' profit pool. We've gone through all of your remarks on those proposals, and we'll be releasing the revised and finalized numbers this week. Then in the next two weeks we'll be gathering the contributors' info so we can send out the checks.

Created: Mar 29, 2010


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