the gun owner (dialogue)

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 "Congratulations Neighbor! I see you're a gun owner now!" 

 "Yup, don't you own a gun too?"  

"Oh, hell no. I used to own a gun, but it wound up owning me! I took that sumbitch apart and buried it out in the middle of the woods, six feet underground, and i hope no one ever finds it."

"I don't understand. Why would you do such a thing?"

"You see, the thing about owning a gun is that you're gonna eventually develop an itch on your trigger finger that can only be pacified by shooting that gun."

"Well, i just bought it for protection; maybe a little target practice. No harm in that."

"Well, you may start out by just shooting at some targets, maybe some tin cans, and you'll like the way it feels to shoot it, but then the tin can, just sitting there, starts to lose it's flare. It's not such a challenge anymore to aim at a tin can that just sits there, quiet and still a tin can."

"What about skeets? You know, the plates that are slung up into the air to immitate a bird flying? Pull!!! Boom!!!  Smash!! That seems like fun, and harmless enough, doesn't it?"

"Sure, there's that, but shortly thereafter you'll start to ask yourself if you could shoot a real bird, mid-flight, at high wind. You'll justify the kill by saying it was a hunt and eating the meat, but the flesh, as it is torn between your teeth, will not be nearly as satisfying as the rush you feel, the thrill of the kill, the power, taking life. Soon you will have graduated to killing bigger beasts and you might even start stuffing their dead bodies and keepin' 'em as trophies to hang up on your walls, but even this will only hold you over for so long. You see, then you will start using phrases like, "Don't tread on me," or "I will fight for my freedom!" You'll begin to create stories and scenarios that will ultimately lead you to a rational justification of taking another human life with that gun. So now here's the thing, my friendly neighbor: now that you are a gun owner, I will have to pack up my things and move away, because we are no longer equal anymore. You are now armed and possess the power to inflict missile death unto another human being with just the slightest pull of one finger. And what's to keep you from doing so?" 

Created: Feb 21, 2012

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